The Wheels to Work Association (W2WA)

In September 2012 the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) announced that it had been awarded a limited grant from the Department for Transport to establish a national organisation to represent all Wheels to Work programmes throughout the country and to facilitate the building of a national network for Wheels to Work (W2W). The W2WA is a company limited by Guarantee, all W2W schemes are welcome to become members. But, only those schemes that pay the membership fee will be able to access 'Member Benefits' such as reduced rate equipment and insurance, brokered by the Association on behalf of members.

The W2W Association has created a national network for W2W and promotes structure and sustainability for the provision of W2W schemes. The W2WA will assist W2W programmes in developing sustainable business plans which will attract support and funding from both public and private sectors so as to help realise national goals in relation to tackling unemployment and social exclusion.

Six of the Board Members are coordinators from the existing schemes. The board direct the national coordinator, who runs the secretariat and delivers the work programme.

The Association:

Holds regular Board management meetings where each type of W2W scheme is represented by a Board member i.e. Charity, Local Authority or Social Enterprise

Represents W2W and provides a link to Government Departments, local authorities and other non-governmental organisations and stakeholders.

Offers a forum for discussion on matters of mutual concern

Has established a country-wide network for sharing best practice and information.

Continues to promote W2W as a 'must have' for local communities wishing to enable people to access training, education and (via the Work Programme) employment.

Continues to develop procurement benefits for W2W schemes.

Advocates high standards of practice and provides advice and information that assists W2W schemes in working to these standards.

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