What is Wheels 2 Work?

'Wheels 2 Work' is a term used to describe schemes which provide affordable transport to individuals who are unable to access public or private transport for employment, and in some cases training and/or education. Mostly this is either mopeds or scooters but some schemes can also offer bicycles or other transport solutions. Typically, a W2W scheme will charge around £20 per week for a moped, but charges differ slightly depending on the organisation.

Limited access to personal and public transport is a labour market barrier commonly cited by young people. W2W aims to break this cycle by loaning individuals their own transport for a short period until a longer-term transport solution can be found.

Wheels 2 Work or Wheels to Learning schemes (sometimes shortened to W2W or WTW and W2L) can be particularly important for people living in isolated rural communities where public transport is inadequate or only available during business hours. A lack of available transport can have a negative effect on opportunities for employment, training and education particularly for young people and those living in rural areas.

Wheels 2 Work clients

W2W schemes are generally aimed at unemployed people who have received a firm offer of a job or training placement but who find that they do not have any way of travelling to their place of work.

Some schemes have extended eligibility further to include:

People who are currently employed but require transport assistance in order to sustain their existing employment.

People who require transport assistance in the search for work which could include the loan of power assisted bikes.

People wishing to access post-16 education opportunities.

The criterion varies slightly from scheme to scheme.

Individuals who have taken part in W2W have commented on how supportive the scheme has been, how it has opened doors that would have previously been closed and how training has enhanced their career prospects.

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