Department for Transport confirms Wheels 2 Work schemes can receive support from the Access Fund

When the Department for Transport launched the Access Fund in early July the bidding guidance was unclear as to whether Wheels 2 Work schemes could be included within local authorities bids. Following a visit to the department by the W2W Association, Jonathan Marshall, Head of Programme Implementation at the Sustainable Accessible Travel Unit has confimed that

"The Department for Transport will welcome applications to the Access Fund from local transport authorities in England (except London) that support or develop Wheels 2 Work schemes in their area".  

The Access fund has two clearly stated objectives. 

  • To support the local economy by supporting access to new and existing employment, education and training; and
  • To actively promote increased levels of physical activity through walking and cycling

Wheels 2 Work schemes in all their forms improve access to work, skills, education or training. If a Wheels 2 Work scheme offers bicycles they will also help to increase levels of cycling.

The Department have advised that an advisory note will appear on their website shortly.

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